Pocket 7 (45 rpm)
Pocket 7 (45 rpm)
Pocket 7 (45 rpm)
Pocket 7 (45 rpm)
Pocket 7 (45 rpm)
Pocket 7 (45 rpm)
Mouth Sounds Experimental Recordings

Pocket 7 (45 rpm)

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An Extension of I Heart Pickles Records

"Pocket 7"

- First Pressing. Limited to 250 copies.
-First 50 copies sold are hand-stamped/numbered (25 Black/25 Orange)- 12-page booklet of Pocket writings included- OBI Strip
- 7" 45rpm
- Recorded Direct to 1/4" tape (mono)
- Heavyweight Vinyl


QTY. 125 Orange
QTY. 125 Black

Mouth Sounds is a 7" (45rpm) series that focuses on the non-musical creative individual and forces them into a musical way of expressing their chosen form of creativity. Inviting a different artist with each release, and forcing a musical platform of self-expression, showcasing a feeling first.

What does a writer's words sound like? A picture is worth a thousand words, but how many notes is that? What does red sound like? Blue? Green? Who knows, but we're about to find out together.

Side one is dedicated to the artist's voice, while side 2 is the musical expression and interpretation of side one's content by that same artist.

This first Mouth Sounds release of spoken word and musical interpretation is by creative writer, poet, and painter. weaver, also known as Pocket.

Recorded direct to 1/4" tape over two days, 20 beers, two hits, and one accidental psilocybin journey later; a writer converts his words into music without a lick of formal education to direct it all.

Mouth Sounds - An extension of I Heart Pickles Records


- Release Date *February 2023*